The three main languages covered by TranslateMe are Kurdish, Arabic, and English, all of which cater to documents related to topics including but not limited to research, business, questionnaires, presentations, emails, financial statements, and so forth.

The process for accessing our translation is simple. Firstly, you need to contact us and provide us with a brief description of your requirements. From this we will be able to tailor our service to best fit your needs. Prior to any work being done, we will thoroughly analyze your text and, based on this analysis, give you a free quotation. The fees for translation vary from job to job. Factors taken into consideration when calculating the overall price include the complexity and nature of the text, its length, required turnaround time, and chosen language.

Given the nature of ongoing, larger translation projects as requiring constant revisiting and revisions, we are able to create company-specific glossaries. These glossaries ensure that the terminology used for future related translation projects is both accurate and consistent. Thus through upholding these standards, your translations are likewise of the highest quality and competitive edge, which ultimately will result in your success.